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  • First Prisoners Arrive at the Camp

    Sat, 21 Nov 1914

    Note : Detailed below is an articles regarding the opening of the camp, extracted for us by MNH from relevant copies of the Isle of Man ... Read More Details..

  • Isle of Man Kipper

    Sun, 01 Oct 1916

    This sonnet was written by an internee of Knockaloe and included in its first edition of the Camp 4 Newspaper, Lager-Zeitung, dated Oc... Read More Details..

  • Acrostic

    Sat, 18 Nov 1916

    Whilst the sonnet above dealt with what they had too much of, this piece focused on what they didn’t have…..alcohol. The acrostic read... Read More Details..

  • Internees' Camp Newspaper

    Thu, 01 Mar 1917

    Internees within the major internment camps produced their own newspapers. Within Knockaloe, each of the four separate sub-camps publish... Read More Details..

  • Why (Warum)?

    Thu, 01 Mar 1917

    WHY (Warum)? From Issue 5 of the Lager Zeitung newspaper dated 1 March 1917 As well as the humour, the newspapers dealt with the sh... Read More Details..

  • The Volunteer

    Thu, 01 Mar 1917

    In an all-male world, the newspapers also talked of the women left behind. “The Volunteer” From Issue 5 of the Lager Zeitung newspape... Read More Details..

  • Camp Stars

    Thu, 01 Mar 1917

    And yet there were some unlikely females within the camp – here the description of stubble pushing through the grease paint of a “mademo... Read More Details..

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