A great interactive way for the family to find out about what happened here in Patrick Village in WW1

Our ‘App’ takes you on a trail around Knockaloe and Patrick to find each QR marker, test your knowledge and help you find out more!


Find and scan each QR marker to find each question… 

...there are 4 suggested answers, but which is correct?


How to get started:

1 Download the App

2 Select Settings (bottom right)

3 Tap on ‘Change to’…

…then Select ‘English-kids’ 

4 Select Home (bottom left)

5 Select ‘Walks’ 

6 Select ‘Family Quiz’ 


Then follow the instructions to find your first

QR code to scan for your first question.


Tick just one box for each question, then return your completed sheet

to our team at the Visitors Centre to see how you have got on!



  • listen to the introduction in the porch,

  • watch the screen over the model, and

  • look at the items made by internees in the big purple display case in the main room – these all help with some answers! 

There is a MAP ON THE APP if you get lost, and HINTS under the questions if you get stuck!