Bringing your class to Knockaloe's Centre for WW1 Internment

Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3

The Knockaloe Exhibition would be delighted to welcome schools to visit


We have specifically launched, this year, our new family/childrens’ ‘app’ – this is basically a multiple choice quiz which gives a full introduction to Knockaloe on site for children (and was written with children from the later stages of key stage 2 and key stage 3 in mind in terms of school use). With the app on a smartphone/tablet, children can take one of our quiz sheets and then go outside onto the site of the camp itself, and the graveyard, looking for the QR codes to give them each of the 21 questions which give them some information about the camp linked to where they are at that point, or some link to information (‘clues’) available in the Visitors Centre – the aim being a more interactive introduction to Knockaloe and what it was like to live there.

If schools can download the app onto a smartphone or tablet (and in settings select ‘English-Kids’) this would save time before your visit, but we do have Wi-Fi to do so on arrival, if needed. We shall have the answer sheets available for teachers/adults to help with encouraging the children to working out the correct answer. 

The whole interpretation within the Centre itself, as well as explaining how attitudes to enemy aliens led to the Island’s role in the war, is based on how it felt to be at Knockaloe through the internees, guards, relief workers and authorities’ own words, images and artefacts – we are happy to start their visit by providing a short introduction to Knockaloe in the model room (an interactive 1:500 scale model of the entire camp) which takes a maximum of 20-25 so we would split larger groups into 2 or more.

There are onsite facilities available where classes are very welcome to eat their packed lunch, with local spring water available. 

There is a small charge of £2 per child towards overheads (light, heat, cleaning etc).  This of course would not include any children who were on free school dinners who are free of charge, as are all adults accompanying the class. We do have some availability to accept bookings in the off season (October to March), however we would need as much advance notice as possible so that we can put the Exhibition back in place and make sure we have the staff available.

Take a look here Henry Bloom Nobel | Knockaloe | Isle of Man to find out how Henry Bloom Nobel Primary School got on at their visit. 

Now taking bookings for 2024 - If you would like to suggest a few dates for your visit we can check that they will work around existing bookings, commitments, and staffing, and also advise as to the estimated number of children.

For more information please contact Rachael Wood email: or telephone: 01624 648477.




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