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Isle of Man Postal History of 20th Century Internment Mail

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To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Knockaloe Post Office, The Isle of Man Postal History Society have released this beautiful book commemorating the operations of the only fully operational post office within any internment camp in either the First or Second World Wars that was a fully functional post office, operated by the British Post Office. The book provides both background information to internment on the Isle of Man in both wars, illustrated by a fabulous collection of postcards and copies of original maps of the various camps, as well as providing detailed information upon the postal marks and censorship of postal items.

The Isle of Man Postal History Society was formed in 1973, just after the Isle of Man gained its postal independence on the 5th July.  The Society has striven to identify and increase the knowledge on all philatelic aspects of the Isle of Man, whether current or past.  It was through these endeavours that the proposal to fully research and publish a book on the philatelic history of the Isle of Man Internment Camps was raised in 2007.