Coronation of King Charles III

Fri, 05 May 2023

King Charles would have been the same age as some of these village children in Patrick and German parishes celebrating a coronation pageant for his mother, HM the late Queen Elizabeth II, 70 years ago next month.

The Isle of Man Times described how 'The children portrayed the outstanding events in our Island's history from Manannan to the transfer of the Island to the English Crown in 1765. This culminated with a procession carrying the crown, the sceptre and orb to the top of Tynwald Hill and a final tableau of all the children on the hill. One feature of the pageant was the arrival of St Patrick, where he blessed the people and handed on his works to a follower called German, thus linking together the parishes of German and Patrick.'

We are open today (Friday 5th May) but closed tomorrow to celebrate HM the King's own coronation, 70 years later. Enjoy the ceremony and celebrations of this special and historic weekend.

Charity's image, with newspaper extracts courtesy of imuseum.