How much do we need?

Phase 1 – the Visitors Centre establishment in the renovated Schoolrooms, including the Web based Archive and initial interactive tour will cost £397,000 (A fully costed Business Plan has been prepared by a Chartered Accountant with build costs calculated by a Quantity Surveyor).

The project is fully supported by the community who have, to date, provided £101,000 project funding.

But the new Charity has much more to raise over coming months and your support would be gratefully received.  

In addition to funds already raised, the Charity is seeking a 25% of initial set up cost visitor attraction grant from the Isle of Man Government, however this will be an investment in the old Patrick Schoolrooms, a historic building in itself desperately in need of repair. (The Charity holds a 21 year lease from Government, which owns the building subject to a restrictive covenant over its use). As this project seeks to enrich the experience of visitors to the Island and especially the estimated 1.1 million relatives of at least 23,000 internees, plus their guards, for whom Patrick was their home between 1914 and 1918, the Charity is applying for a 25% Visitor Attraction Grant of £99k. This investment by Government is substantially exceeded by the project’s anticipated contribution to the economy